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Site Update:  (January 12, 2018) Added new story; This is the story of how my wife and I helped make history during our 10th anniversary trip to Europe.  If you have any interest in how history sometimes finds you rather than the other way around, you must read this story.  A direct link to it is below as the first in my list of Newest Stories or just click here.

Welcome! My site name, “Gary A. Wilson Stories in a Dime of Time” reflects my self-imposed limit of keeping each story length to under 2000 words so the average reader can finish one in 10 minutes, thus a “Dime” .    The theme of each story remains the same; fun autobiographical stories I like to share about growing up.  If you see yourself in a story and wouldn’t mind my using your real name, please contact me and I’ll enthusiastically make the update.

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Featured Stories: 

  1. The Giant Inner Tube Adventure
  2. Boys versus Buckeyes – a Smashing Hit
  3. My Second Encounter with a school bully
  4. A Wild Adventure in Eucalyptus Trees

Newest Stories:

  1. (NEWEST ADDITION) Our Unforgettable 10th Anniversary :: Helping to make history
  2. The Favorite Author Incident = My once in a lifetime chance as a book lover
  3. Adventures as a Commuter
  4. The Scary Night Adventure :: found in the High School collection
  5. The Kid Bomb Incident = my most popular story from 2017

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Photo Note: Above is a Google maps shot of where many of my stories came from. Petaluma, Calif. didn’t have this many homes in the 60s or 70s, but we did have nearly endless opportunities for adventures.  This collection of stories are my memories of growing up in a great area.  I hope you enjoy this glance back at a very different time.

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At this time the collection is not complete and I have many more stories to add so, please follow or check back often.

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