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Welcome to my story collection! dime

My site name, “… Stories in a Dime of Time” reflects how each story is 2000 words or less, so most readers can finish one in 10 minutes, i.e. a “Dime of time“. The theme of each is simply fun (and often rowdy) autobiographical stories about growing up.¬† So, do you have 10 minutes for an adventure?

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New Story (10/17/19): Home Schooling Moms and Dads
New Story (10/12/19): Staying Alive in Death Valley
New Story (9/2/19): A Heritage Of Ice Cream

Most Popular from Last Month: A Heritage of Ice Cream
Featured Legacy Story from 2017: The Boomerang Adventure
Featured Story from 2018: First Professional Job

Newest Short Fiction (10/5/19): Not Forgotten
Newest Short Non-Fiction (08/10/19): Our Little Accidental Garden

-: :- STORY INDEX -: :-

(1) Grammar Schoolinner tube pilot

1 The Indoor Tsunami Adventure
2 The Invention of the Sauna
3 The Dark Cave Adventure
4 The Giant Inner Tube Adventure
5 The Insurance Company Adventuregerman shorthair pointer
6 The Battle with My Dad Adventure
7 The Buckeye Adventure
8 The Tree Tag Adventure
9 IDK, What Do You Want To Dovicks vaporub
10 The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure
11 A Pet From the Wild
12 A Dog and Her Boy

(2) Jr. High Schoollarge
1 The Boomerang Adventure
2 The Rock Quarry Adventure
3 The 1st Bully Adventure
4 The 2nd Bully Adventureunicycle-3-e1543194859864.jpg
5 The Unicycle Adventure
6 New Driver Adventures
7 First Long Gun
8 The Art of Surviving Sisters
9 Ballistic Buddies Adventures
10 The Tree Top Adventure

(3) High SchoolT-swing 1
1 My Penngrove Pivot
2 The Storm Drain Adventure
3 The Chainsaw Adventure
4 The T-Swing Adventure
5 The Capacitor Adventure wrist corsage 1024x683_b
6 The Scary Night Adventure
7 The Prom Date Adventure
8 Adventures in Trespassing
9 The Foggy Hike Adventure
10 Recalling a Great Friendship
11 Water AdventuresSun Starfish

(4) Trade School
1 The Better Grade Incident
2 The Commuter Horseplay Incidents
3 The Favorite Author Incident
4 Of Crashes and Christmas

(5) Career and Collegefilipino-gown.jpg
1 First Professional Job
2 Learning to Scuba
3 The Most Audacious Birthday Gift
4 Helping Her Reach Higher
5 The Speleological Spiderman Incidentscaver
6 The Kid-Bomb Incident
7 Rich Mental Meals
8 The Spice of Life
9 Staying Alive in Death Valley
10 A Song From On High
11 Adventures in the Ship’s Tankskiss-shelbey-miller-unsplash-e1538788116171.jpg
12 The Bridge Toll Incident

(6) Married
1 My Big Accomplishment
2 My Rowdy Approach to Giving ExamsHigh dive
3 Considering the Fear of Heights
4 A Manic Mannequin Memory
5 An Unforgettable 10th Anniversary
6 Suffer Not The Childrendress lacy 50 pct

(7) Married with Children
1 Favorite Memory of a Baby Girl
2 My Childbirth Deception Stunt
3 A Unique Christmas Ornament
4 Jacquie’s Story
5 The Carrot Corn Pancake Incident 
6 Home Schooling Moms and Dads
7 A Heritage Of Ice Cream

(8) Short Fiction:
1 Not Forgotten
2 October Lights
3 Cosmic Gold
4 Disqualified Abuse
5 Pastor Randy

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something to laugh at or think about. Please leave a comment to let me know you stopped by and pause to introduce yourself if we’ve not met. You can reach out to me via email at:


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Autobiographical fun in 10 minutes or less