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Welcome to my story collection! dimeMy site name, “… Stories in a Dime of Time” reflects how each story is 2000 words or less, so most readers can finish one in 10 minutes, i.e. a “Dime of time“. The theme of each is simply fun autobiographical stories about growing up.

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Grammar School
1.1 The Indoor Tsunami Adventure
1.2 The Invention of the Sauna
1.3 The Giant Inner Tube Adventure
1.4 The Insurance Company Adventure
1.5 The Battle with My Dad Adventure
1.6 The Buckeye Adventure
1.7 The Tree Tag Adventure
1.8 The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure
1.9 A Pet From the Wild
1.9 A Dog and Her Boy

Jr. High School
2.1 The Boomerang Adventure
2.2 The Rock Quarry Adventure
2.3 The 1st Bully Adventure
2.4 The 2nd Bully Adventure
2.5 The Unicycle Adventure
2.6 New Driver Adventures
2.7 First Long Gun

High School
3.01 My Penngrove Pivot
3.02 The Storm Drain Adventure
3.03 The Chainsaw Adventure
3.04 The T-Swing Adventure
3.05 The Capacitor Adventure
3.06 The Scary Night Adventure
3.07 The Prom Date Adventure
3.08 Adventures in Trespassing
3.09 The Foggy Hike Adventure
3.10 Water Adventures

Trade School
4.1 The Better Grade Incident
4.2 The Commuter Horseplay Incidents
4.3 The Favorite Author Incident

Stories from young adulthood to current day

Career and College
5.1 First Professional Job
5.2 Learning to Scuba <- – – New Addition – Oct. 12, 2018
5.3 The Most Audacious Birthday Gift
5.4 The Speleological Spiderman Incidents
5.5 The Kid-Bomb Incident
5.7 Adventures in the Ship’s Tanks
5.8 The Bridge Toll Incident

6.1 My Big Accomplishment

6.2 My Rowdy Approach to Giving Exams
6.4 An Unforgettable 10th Anniversary

Married with Children
7.4 My Childbirth Deception Stunt
7.5 Jacquie’s Story
7.6 The Carrot Corn Pancake Incident

Short Fiction: Pastor Randy

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Autobiographical fun in 10 minutes or less