Welcome to my story blog. All my stories are free to read. You should see menus above for my three writing projects and here’s a brief overview on what they are:

DOT Stories are my original project. The acronym stands for “Dime of Time”. There are close to 70 stories and each follow these guidelines:

    • 2000 words or less to stay within a 10 minute (DOT) read for most readers
    • Autobiographical nonfiction. There may be some fun hyperbole, but these stories actually happened to me.
    • Entertaining or moving somehow with no boring data dumps
    • Written in first person and kind of rowdy, like two friends talking and laughing over drinks
    • Clean with almost no adult language or scenes. This is a family-friendly site.
    • As visual as I can make them.

Short Fiction and Non-Fiction is my newest effort and these are exactly what you would expect by the title. This menu is subdivided by type and essay length.

Coffee Shares are a running weekly essays that were created to share personal updates with a small but open group of friends. These 100+ essays have a tone of sitting back and catching up with a good friend and often short conversations result. Over the weeks we get to know each other as we laugh and sometimes grieve together. For some of us, these essays are as close as we get to a diary or journal.

Each story has a link near the bottom that will bring you back to my main page.

There is also a Table of Contents link at the top-right so you can always get back easily. I’m thrilled that you stopped by and hope to deliver some great reading. Life really can be a great adventure if you keep your eyes open for it.