1805 thru 1806

Heads Up!  This page is under construction.  I hope to add simple links and summaries of each coffee share article.

This list of Coffee Share links are the first essays I produced as part of the Coffee Share group.  In these days, I was still very much trying to get oriented to how this whole blogging thing worked

Coffee Share 180628
Coffee Share 180623
Coffee Share 180616
Coffee Share 180602
Coffee Share 180525

Coffee Share 180519

First mention of lower back surgery.  Thankful for a reader who read almost the full collection. First mention of my battle against a woodpecker and aphids in our front shade tree. The tree saved by a non-woodpecker.

Coffee Share 180512

A fictional setting and prototype of what became my occasional experiment of mingling with fictional characters in Tamara’s Teancoff Cafe.