The Spoon Theory: Living with Chronic Illness

Those of you who have a chronic illness most likely already know of this essay by, Christine Miserandino.  I don’t have one myself so I try to pay attention when someone tries to explain what they’re going though.

This essay tells how Ms. Miserandino was out with a good friend who, despite spending lots of time with her, even going to the doctor with her – still didn’t “get it”.

spoon-theory-image.jpgI have a close relative who has patiently trying to help me understand, but one day got a tad impatient with me for not understanding how hard her life is compared to others.  She strongly advised that I read this essay and I’m so glad she did.

Many years ago, I lost an ex-girl friend to lupus, which is the same disease that haunts Ms. Miserandino and I now wish I had read her theory back when I could have better understood and supported this gal, who for quite a while, I told everyone, “she’s my favorite”.

But be they a close friend, family member, romantic interest or just someone you work with or frequently sit close to at the coffee shop, you will be much better prepared to support and assist, rather than accidentally burden someone who is stuck with something they have very little control over if you spend about 10 minutes with this article.

Do yourself and them a favor – read this quick essay and share it around.  You, and the people who you later do-right by will never regret it.

Here’s the link: The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino.

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