Advent Calendar 2018

One of the folks I met on line this year is Solveig Werner from both France and Germany. This was her 4th year putting together a literary Advent Calendar – one post for each day. She was kind enough to post one of my pieces on day 8, but there is a bunch of great stuff you might want to sit down and give your self a tour. You won’t regret time spent with this collection.

Happy New Year all and thank you Solveig.

Solveig Werner

Now, that the presents are all unwrapped, that the bird is eaten and that you are wondering how you are going to survive the excess that comes with New Year’s Eve, it’s time for me to say thank you.

Thank you!

Thank you for making the 4th edition of the Advent Calendar a success! So many people contributed, read, commented that I am certain that there will be a 5th edition next December. Are you up for it?

I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves, made friends, discovered writers, artists, bloggers…

But until next December, here is the overview of the 4th edition:

Day 1: Chocolate Countdown by Tara Paray
Day 2: In Santa’s Shadow by Trent P. McDonald 
Day 2: Letters to Santa by Solveig Werner
Day 3: The Advent Calendar by Geoff Le Pard
Day 4: Why You Should Learn to Communicate Better With Your Spouse by Holly Geely

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2 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2018

    1. Hi Debbi – and thanks for such a wonderful compliment. I’m tempted to respond that I hope to deserve such praise someday when I grow up – but my age doesn’t really give me time for that to be credible. I bet people learn a lot about generosity from you.


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