Our Little Accidental Garden

We started a mulch pile in the back yard to produce some replacement soil for other plants and a couple of months ago, I was adding some kitchen veggie scraps and noticed something small and green growing out of the pile.  Thought it was kinda funny but really should not be surprised. But within a week, that little sprout was big and it stared growing so fast that it was fun to almost watch it reach further and further each day almost as if it was trying to catch the neighborhood feral cat.

But what was it? the leaves are huge, some almost 12 ” wide. Finally, something recognizable began to appear. Whoa – now there are several somethings. Ahh, now I can tell what they are.

As of today, this thing is almost 20 feet wide and we are getting anxious for the 15+ spaghetti squashes that will be ready to harvest soon. These are a family favorite baked with a brushing of olive oil then some salt and pepper.  That’s it, although I have been known to actually treat them like pasta and cover the noodle shaped strings with a good veggie red sauce.

Not bad for an accidental garden – don’t you think?  Here are a few photos.

spaghetti squash 1r

spaghetti squash 2r

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