New Facebook Profile Virus warning

Heads up everyone.
Someone has released a Facebook profile virus..

This one arrives as a very short message from someone on your friends list, asking if a video link is you. The one I received had an image of me pulled right from my own profile.

I have no idea what it would have done had I clicked on it, but doubt that I would now be enjoying unexpected popularity.

Should you get a similar Facebook message,
don’t be that person who learns the hard way.

– – = = Do Not Click On That Link = = – –

You can go to your own friends list and send your hacked friend a heads-up that s/he has been hacked and advise them to warn everyone on their own friends list to not click on the fake message link.

I bet that this warning could actually be a strong anti-virus that could help dispatch this hack fairly quickly. Spread the warning – not the hack.

That is all.


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