New Coffee Share for 20-07-03:

I’m part of a weekend blogging group who conduct a virtual meeting each weekend for quick conversations about what we’re up to.

This week, my very short essay is more about a couple of flowers in our yard.  With a good watering, a big dose of sunshine and the help of my magnifier app, one plant stepped up with some incredible beauty while the other type of blossom played host to a couple of bees having their version of a pillow fight.  Just another day in the flora of a common yard in Sonoma County, California.
It’s short, pretty and pretty cool.  Check it out.

Here’s the link: Coffee Share for 200703: Now Playing in the Sunshine

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One thought on “New Coffee Share for 20-07-03:”

  1. Those plants are not weeds, they are called butterfly iris’s and we have 4 of them planted in our front yard. They are drought resistant and grow those very beautiful butterfly like flowers!! I’ve shared on one of my posts that same flower from my yard. I think our Samsung phones take GREAT photos!! Thanks for sharing, and have a wonderful and blessed weekend! 😍❤️

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