New Story Posted: The Eddies of Work & the Taste of Words

My manager walked up to the group of us. “Hey guys. Did you see the quarterly numbers are out and the company is doing really well, except for one division of course.” We were grateful that the company was still growing but it had become a quarterly pattern of good news except for one area that followed a certain leader wherever she went.

Many of us have experience with people we’ve worked with or for who don’t really measure up to our standards.  This is a story, a lesson really, in how I had to eat words that I spoke without the maturity that comes with experience and just a bit of grace. Shockingly, the situation was more complex than I understood.

I hope you’ll check it out and weigh in with your reactions.  Here’s the link:

The Eddies of Work & The Taste of Words

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One thought on “New Story Posted: The Eddies of Work & the Taste of Words”

  1. I enjoyed your post and yes, so true how words can come back to bite you as we’ve all I would imagine have had this happen throughout our lives at one time or another. I know I’ve had this happen, I’ve chalked it up to being human and not perfect. I think it’s always good to remember people can change and grow. And same goes for ourselves to learn to be more compassionate and forgiving. We can’t walk in others shoes, this I learned a long time ago! ~Diana 😊

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