New Story Posted: The Suffering of a Young Autodidact

“Alright everyone.  That’s it for today.  You have your syllabus and your first writing assignment; which is due this Friday at the beginning of class. I’m looking forward to reading some wonderful essays this weekend.  I’ll see you again on Wednesday”.

Perfect!  I should have enough time to hit my locker and have plenty of time to. . .  “Mr. Wilson; I need you to stay after class for a few minutes.  Have a great day everyone.”

Say what! Who gets called to stay after class on the first day?

Read the fill story here: The Suffering of a Young Autodidact

This essay is a new addition to my collection of autobiographical stories of growing up.  This one took place in my final years in Petaluma  High School and drilled itself into my permanent memory and left me with two amazing learning experiences.

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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