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“I simply couldn’t bear it any longer.  I had to act.”
“Sorry, I was thinking about something else, what were you saying?”
“I said, I couldn’t bear it any longer.  The ads were making me nuts and I’m sure they were annoying my readers. I even heard from a favorite reader that the ads she saw in one of my stories was right on the edge of inappropriate even by today’s loose standards.”
“Well, one need not have any special gift of prophecy to predict that.  So, what did you do Gee Dub and was anyone hurt?”
“Ha! Funny, but no, no person, beast or insect was dis-comforted by this event. Although now that I think about it, I may have annoyed a few advertisers, but they have lots of options so, even their annoyance barely rises above the micro-increase I may have caused to the price of their efforts.  You see, WordPress has an entry level blog service where you can set up for free.  It’s like a stripped-down place where writers can to learn how to blog.  I’ve been doing that now for several years, so I can hardly credibly claim to be a newbie any longer and, because few things are really free, the cost of the free blog site is that I’ve been allowing WordPress to insert ads into my stories and posts.  Everyone who read my stuff had to endure whatever ads were inserted.  I had no control over it — until today.”
“Ah; and you found a way to scrub the ads out?”
“In a sense.  I paid a nominal price to upgrade my WordPress Plan and, effective immediately,  readers can read my essays both for free and not endure  those annoying ads.  They should be totally gone as of late last night.”
“Ah, this sounds like a more pleasant experience.  How many stories are we talking about ?”
“The original DOT (Dime of Time Autobiographical 2000 word stories) collection now has 72 in the full collection.  My diary style, coffee share essays now count up to around 130.  My newer effort is the creation of fiction pieces of various lengths.  This collection only has about 10, but I do have a new story, an expansion of a popular shorter story is due out before the end of 2020, so I’ve got to get back to that.”
“Right.  For those of us reading this news, do you have a couple of stories you suggest we sample?”
“I always do, but did not have a prepared list,  Here, this is a quick list of some of what I think are my best, most fun reads.  I would love to have someone give them a test read and let me know if they saw any ads.  I want to make sure WordPress is keeping their promise.  Here’s the list.”

So — that’s my news.  I hope you all stop by, find a story to enjoy and let me know if you see any ads.  They should be gone. . .  Enjoy!

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “GAW Story Blog News

  1. Great! I don’t see ads in my app reader, but they can be jarring when I visit a blogger’s site. I paid to get rid of mine too. Eventually, I will have to pay more to upgrade for more media storage…

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    1. Hi Paula, you are the first through the test run and thanks for letting me know that it worked as advertised. I’ve not checked my storage stats in quite some time, but you raise a good question that deserves an answer. Thanks for stopping by, maybe even reading a story (my most embarrassing moment will make you cringe for me, but I give you leave to smile or laugh. It sorta makes up for the mortification I felt at the time.

      Liked by 1 person

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