New Coffee Share for 21-02-07: Life in the Food Chain

Most of you know I’m part of a group of bloggers who meet each weekend to share stuff.

Today, my coffee share is a snapshot of life in western Sonoma County, near Petaluma, California where I was born and raised. If you’ve lived nearby, I think you’ll recognize these neighbors. If you are not a native, you will enjoy the miniature drama that Sonoma County put on my front porch this week.

Here’s the link for the full Coffee Share for this weekend:
Coffee Share 2100207: Life in the Food Chain

Why do I use both a blog post and a blog page for my essays? My blogging engine is a service named WordPress.  They have two devices for bloggers to use.

(1) Pages, which I use for non-time-dependent things like items for my permanent story collection and,

(2) Posts, which, like what you are now reading automatically tie themselves into a chronological chain of articles AND every time I post something, my followers are automatically invited to review it.

When I want to do both; add a new story to the collection and notify my followers, I must do both and  add a link I hope you’ll click on to read and react the actual story or essay.

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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11 thoughts on “New Coffee Share for 21-02-07: Life in the Food Chain

    1. Hi Liesbet. Yes, you are correct, we are very close to Sebastopol. Our church has a Sebastopol address. We actually live between the two. I hope yo get the chance to try a few. If you ever need a suggestion as to where to start, I have a list of short tours, each is a collection of reader and my favorites you might enjoy. Save this link and let me know what makes you laugh.

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  1. Good morning! Awesome service this morning, eh! I’m still trying to grasp this “page” thing here. I upgraded this week, too. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to read for you. I did, with all intention, mean to. Got sidetracked by a funeral call. It’s been ” a week”!


    1. You never need to apologize for such things Bear. I’ll welcome you whenever you happen across my virtual threshold and we’ll catch up from that point. Blogging, like life itself is nuts and we rarely get to see the distractions our friends are enduring. I was sorry to hear about your week and will be joining Ken in lifting you guys in prayer.

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      1. Thanks. I’ll no doubt be helping our neighbor Mike as he is deciding what things of his wife’s to keep, what to give to family, and what to send elsewhere. He came over and had a nice “man chat” with hubby yesterday. I know he’s feeling a bit lost at the moment.


      2. Wow – that would be so hard. I’m thinking I might offer that offering her things to someone who has need of them is just another way of honoring her memory and keeping it alive for others to fondly recall her. But — this is hard no matter how it’s packaged.


  2. Thanks for explaining your blog posts and blog pages. I’ve not really thought about it all but often wondered why I just have a blog and not all the other things where you have all these links and stuff. Well, I’m not explaining what I mean very well, but you explained it great! Haha, thanks for sharing. I will try to check out your fiction writing soon! Have a great week ahead! ❤️☕🌞

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  3. Nice to meet you, Gary, I briefly looked at the interesting link you sent to my site about your Unforgettable 10th Anniversary. I have bookmarked it to read thoroughly. You are inspirational and courageous with your “new blog look and feel.” I began my blog a little over two years ago and I have not really changed anything. It is due for an overhaul. I have subscribed to your site and I look forward to reading more. Erica

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  4. Hi, Gary and thank you for the incredibly warm welcome to the group. Funny, I found you as I looked at the comments on Natalie’s post. First, I know a Gary Wilson…and I guessed when you mentioned that you worked in Toronto (I had seen you were a techie) that you worked for IBM. John and I are both techies and retired from Bank of Montreal. John spent all his time in Systems at BMO and I spent my time as a financial analyst then project management with BMO and then Symcor (founded by BMO, RBC and TD).
    Looking forward to reading more of you!!
    And yes, you would have driven passed our building anytime you drove on the Gardiner Expressway!!

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