New Story Posted: The Fading Fern Frond Brooch

One of the most fun things to write are conversations.  Something about them really draws in both the writer and the reader.  In this story I have an older husband and a younger woman wrestling in a conversation you might enjoy.  It’s short (maybe 7 minutes to read) and should surprise you unless you read very closely,  Here’s a quick excerpt.

Jeanette laughed, “Yea, that was fun. and now you know that I always wear a fern frond of some kind. Many of the girls were wearing unicorns or rock stars.  I chose ferns.”

Drake leaned back against the work bench and picked up a rag to wipe his hands off. “Yep, somehow you hooked yourself into my brain and I wanted to be your friend. Not long after my accident, you showed up as an intern when I worked for IBM.  You became one of the happiest things I recall during my recovery.  I was still using  and hating that wheel chair, but focusing on work was hard and your visits were wonderfully helpful. And yes, you always wore one of  fern brooches.”

Read the fill story here: The Fading Fern Frond Brooch

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3 thoughts on “New Story Posted: The Fading Fern Frond Brooch

      1. silly goose…. I’m writing murder and mayhem this week. My missionary medical team has gotten themselves into a really nasty situation. One has been captured alive, but for how long….

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