The Pandemic Wave

Just a quick thought inspired by a blogging friend in Australia. . .

Slowly, ever so slowly, the crust of this pandemic is beginning to crumble beneath the relentless pressure of macroeconomics where people can do whatever they please but their private actions and opinions are quickly lost — but as a group, the world is losing interest in it.

Our handlers are beginning to see its usefulness start to fray. We all have our masks and our coping methods. We are mourning our losses, getting our vaccine shots and even those who need to gripe about this injustice or that are seeing their willing audiences lose interest and take note that the Starbucks down the street is open and have an approved protocol for acquiring a latte.

We all know the numbers in the newspapers may or may not be true, but the testimony of our eyes, our friends and families strongly suggest that this thing is receding — losing energy and momentum. Small pieces of our routines are returning and our attentions are returning to whatever our prime ministers, our presidents or our dictators are doing, or saying, or hiding.

The large slow wave of this pandemic may have spent its power, or is about to, but with assurance, it will be replaced by the constant tide of things we were arguing about last April, or trying to buy, or trying to worship.

I just hope I have enough grace left to get to this April gracefully where I hope to see you already there smiling and enjoying life again.

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8 thoughts on “The Pandemic Wave

  1. May I borrow enough grace to get through this 1040 for 2020? I’m up to line 30…EIP (stimulus line) only we never received said form they require… growl! Hiss! I noticed in driving past that the local Starbucks is GONE! Sign still there, nothing inside. I notice too too many businesses small and large are closed forever. And now, we’re snowed in with 10 inches in a world where 1 inch sends locals into a tizzy fit…and up to 3/4 in ICE due within the next 24 hrs on top of it. Just send a whole Gallon of Grace will ya!

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    1. Oh my – for you Bear, I think I have a whole jug of pristine, top shelf, sealed in foil and in mint condition with a gold-leaf printed label brew, signed by the manufacturer. Well, I think it is his signature. I can’t read Aramaic. . .

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      1. Cute… cute! HEHE! I’m almost ready to take my taxes out…then again, they would face the same issue with the missing form…and they would charge by the hour to get one. I think I need to pick up some more coffee! Oh, and to learn to read aramaic… lol!

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  2. Oh, the things I have to say as I still feel locked up as of March 31, 2022. It’s a neverending cycle of doom. I’m tired, so tired. Redundancy at its finest.


    1. I know so many people who have dropped into depression over this lock down. I do think it is lifting — ever so slowly. My community has finally given up on masks and we can again sit down with family and friends at restaurants and just doing that – feels like freedom regained. Hang in there my friend. You and it are worth the wait.

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