New Story Posted: Ribbons and Remembrances

This is about a 12 minute read and is a story about an elderly grandmother and a secret she’s keep for two generations. Once again, I’ve chosen to let my characters tell their own story with almost no narration. Here’s how it begins but things get strange pretty quickly..

“Okay! That’s it!. Stop right there all of you.” Michelle turned to face her three kids and waited until she met each of their eyes and knew she had their attention. “I want to be crystal clear on this.  Nana is old. She might not be high on your agendas for today but she loves you, is ill and  and wants to see you.  Since she can’t get out much, we don’t get to see her unless we visit and I’ll not have any of you, ANY — of — you, insulting her with a crummy attitude.  Becky, as the oldest, I expect you to be your most charming self — period!  If I once hear you say the word ‘whatever‘ without a lot more words and non-insulting feeling around it, you will lose your phone for a week, yes — a full week young lady!.  Do I make myself clear?”

Read the fill story here: Ribbons and Remembrances

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