New Coffee Share for 21-05-08: Tea 102, Iced

Most of you know I’m part of a group of bloggers who meet each weekend to share stuff.

Today, my coffee share essay is about tea again. Several folks who are new to using loose leaf tea wanted to know about making ice teas.  Okay, if a reader asks, in my world, they get what they want if I can produce it.  So here’s my tour of some loose leaf teas and how they work out iced. It’s Spring for many of us, so come on and enjoy a tall glass with me.

Here’s the link for the full essay.
Coffee Share 210508: Tea 102, Iced

Why do I use both a blog post and a blog page for my essays?  WordPress has two devices for bloggers to publish with.

(1) Pages, for non-time-dependent things like items for my permanent story collection and,

(2) Posts, which are automatically chained into a chronological linked list AND every time I post something, my followers are automatically invited to review it.

When I want to both; add a new story and notify my followers, I must do both and add a link I hope you’ll click on to read the actual story.  Thanks for visiting.

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

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