Announcing My New Site Layout

Greetings all.

Well, it took me longer than I’d hoped but I’ve completed my transition to a new blog site layout.

In mid 2020 WordPress, forced all of us into using their new Block Editor. This proved to be a major disruption. Then last December I purchased a plan from WordPress for the sole purpose of removing ads from my online articles. Both proved to chew up more time that I care to talk about, but I’ve just finished making the menu mapping and the look and feel of my site into something I’m proud of.

My new plan entitled me to use a nicer theme which is the overall template of how the site looks and works. This new one is a tad more heavy handed on the featured photo for each page, but I’m told this appeals to most people, so I’m going with it and hope you enjoy the new photos and ease of navigating around my 3 story collections.

I also created 5 new items that might appeal to my readers.

  1. A shortcut page to my New Stuff.  ABOUT -> Quick Links to New Stuff
  2. A shortcut page to some short sample story tours based on how you know me. ABOUT -> Short Tours
  3. The DOT (My original Dime of Time, autobiographical stories of growing up) collection is now mostly complete and I’ve added a Table of Contents under it’s menu to help you navigate that 75+ item corpus. DOT Stories -> Table of Contents
  4. A section for my new fiction collection divided by story length. FICTION & NON -> section by length
  5. A Coffee Share Index for almost 3 years of these lively chats between overly-caffeinated bloggers and our readers. COFFEE SHARES -> Coffee Share Article Index

I added a new search widget for finding something to read. On every page, except the Welcome page, there is a simple search tool where you can type in a word or phrase that will help you fine, say, the unicycle story or my fern brooch story. Look for it just above my photo on each page.

By way of reminder, I’ve decided to write in a manner to deserve your time to read.  It’s all still free and often a tad rowdy. I hope you’ll stop by, follow and peruse the collection to  find some great, short and clean entertainment that you feel is good enough to share with others. Like other writers, I love hearing fromr my readers. The comments section is always on, near the bottom of each page, and my email address is in the ABOUT section. Facebook (FB) is no longer a good way to reach me. I’ll try to watch for FB notifications but it’s way down on my priority list these days. If you’ve enjoyed my FB story posts, I hope you’ll jump over to following me on  WordPress.

My home site URL remains the same: Click here to visit and bookmark.

Consider yourself invited to come by for a visit.

To select another story, please visit the full index by clicking here.

Gary photo n bio

6 thoughts on “Announcing My New Site Layout

  1. Awesome G-dub! Nice work…

    I just discovered your “My Rowdy Approach to Exams” because you organized and made them so accessible!

    Best, Gary (the better looking one;)


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw – GD, you should have been there for that episode. You would have been rolling on the floor laughing it was so much fun.
      The only exception was that poor guy next door trying to teach some deadly dull topic while we reminded everyone how much fun learning can be.
      What a great time it was!
      Thanks for giving it a read and a laugh.


    1. Ah, I know the angst. I’ve tried several things that I thought would improve my layout only to have it go terribly wrong and break things that were working before I tinkered with them.
      If it would help you to look around at my mapping and find anything you like, please ask me and I’ll tell you how I did it. For all I don’t know, I now know how to build what I have and would be pleased to share that knowledge.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I just took a quick tour of your new format and I like it. I think you’ve laid down a clear foundation for what you intend to share. Question: in your “About” essay, you mention lots of writing. Do you intend to share any of that via your blog? (I’ll confess that I hope so.) If yes, you might want to add menu items for those pieces as well. I think I’ve settled on a method for doing this with WP-pages because they don’t need the chain of date stamping that you get with WP–posts. The cost is that creating a page does not automatically go out to your followers, but the resulting navigation leaves your reader with a better experience of exploring your collection as you want them to. Look at what I’ve done with my DOT Stories menu. That seems to work well for readers and you can setup up folders of folders as you please.

    Oh – I would also recommend both the “Search” and “Number of Recent Posts” widgets. That second one provides a simple way for a reader to get into your timestamped chain of posts. Wishing you success.


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