New Story Posted: Decisions – Decisions

Inspired by a friend who went through something similar, I’m sharing a new 5 minute story today about looking back over a life of decisions and thinking about how life unfolds sometimes to create new decisions for consideration. This story is fiction but could have happened in almost any small town. I hope you’ll stop by to check it out. 

Here’s the link for the full essay.
Decisions – Decisions

Why do I use both a blog post and a blog page for my essays?  WordPress has two devices for bloggers to publish with.

(1) Pages, for non-time-dependent things like items for my permanent story collection and,

(2) Posts, which are automatically chained into a chronological linked list AND every time I post, my followers are automatically invited to view.

When I want to both; add a new story and notify my followers, I must do both and add a link I hope you’ll click on to read the actual story.  Thanks for visiting.

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