New Story Chat Announcement: Sometimes A Miracle #Story Chat

Tues. June 29 Update

We have a delay and this story chat will go live next Tuesday 7/6/21, not today.   Sorry for the false start.

This is just a heads up.

We are almost ready to post my new story, “Sometimes A Miracle” to Marsha’s neat blog site named #Story Chat

I will be posting the same story on my blog but from Marsh’s site you’ll have both the story and the chance to join a conversation by many other readers in the comment section about anything related to the story. I’ve been a reader of the works of other authors and played a part in those discussions. It’s great! You get to know the author better and have the chance to get inside their head about what they were thinking when they created the story.

Marsha limits the story itself to 1000 words so the read is short, but the story has to be compelling somehow so you can count on her selections carrying a memorable punch of some kind.  Today, you can review previous stories and discussions at the link below, but tomorrow — well tomorrow is my turn to stand in the spotlight.  I’ll  tell you a new story and stay close as you question, comment or analyze it.  I’ll will answer any questions and we’ll all have a good time.

I hope you will join the fun by clicking below then finding the new link at the top of her list and clicking in. Clicking below today will allow you to take a quick look into her gallery of previous Story Chat sessions but stop by tomorrow to find and join mine.

Marsha’s Story Chat

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6 thoughts on “New Story Chat Announcement: Sometimes A Miracle #Story Chat

  1. I really like how you polished your blog since I last checked in! Looking sharp my friend! It’s great seeing how you still enjoy your writing so immensely.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my.
      Look who strolled into my virtual studio. Yea things have changed some. My collection of fiction is growing and my layout is cleaner with better navigation for visitors, but how are you? You’ve been missed and I’ve wondered/ hoped that all was well.
      I see a new blog name for you.

      “Does this mean you’re back?” he said hopfully.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Yes, I really like the clean look. It is easier to actually see your work. I took a blogging break for a couple months, since I thought my blog was a little outdated and didn’t represent me so well. I am back now!

        Liked by 2 people

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