New Story Posted: Kneading A Good Friend

I’m announcing that I’m sharing out a new story today.
This one brings together who taught me how to make bread and how one day it turned into my “kneading a good friend”. It’s the newest addition to my Dime of Time stories, so it’s ten minutes or less to enjoy.
I hope to see you over at this link soon.

Here’s the link for the full essay.
Kneading A Good Friend

Why do I use both a blog post and a blog page for my essays?  WordPress has two devices for bloggers to publish with.

(1) Pages, for non-time-dependent things like items for my permanent story collection and,

(2) Posts, which are automatically chained into a chronological linked list AND every time I post, my followers are automatically invited to view.

When I want to both; add a new story and notify my followers, I must do both and add a link I hope you’ll click on to read the actual story.  Thanks for visiting.

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5 thoughts on “New Story Posted: Kneading A Good Friend

  1. I admit, you hooked me in with the bread, but the post took a surprise I did not expect! My question though, is do you still make bread? Hoping to have some stories about my adventures in breadmaking soon, but at the moment there is more “Caregiving” in my future as my husband continues to recover from a hip replacement. Lots of “fetch and carry”, little reading or writing except in snatches, but I did want you to know that I read this. Blessings, Michele

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    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for giving my story a read.
      You know you can’t make bread without also making some stories so we’ll see.
      It takes a lot of time so I don’t do it much any more.
      But are you really going g to let me off so easy on my strategy to get my friend moving with that gal?
      I still look back and think that may have been over the top audacious therapy.

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      1. Yea, I was a bit rough around the edges when I was newly saved, but I meant well and he did forgive me later because it worked.
        And it’s a fun guy-story now.
        So I guess that story won’t become a sermon illustration anytime soon then . . . 😇

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      2. Probably not, but it didn’t help me think through thinking of ourselves as flour, and the water the Spirit and yeast special ways that God gifts us and forms us. We look at ourselves and say,” I’m just flour, what can I do, what can God do with me. I’m not even a flower. And maybe God looks at us and says, “bread, for the world” Oh no! Oh no! after writing this, I looked up and re-read your comment. You said it was a “fun guy” story and we are talking about yeast?!!! You could say “no pun intended” but I confess, all of mine are! Best a nd blessings, Michele

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