It’s a Wrap: Story Chat: Sometimes A Miracle

Good day all.  For the month of July, I’ve had a story showcased on Marsh’s Story Chat site. That event is now over, so new comments are closed on the chat thread.

What a great ride this was!  Marsha has marshaled some great talent in a community that takes on one story which is discussed both internally, e.g. “this paragraph does not progress the story.” and externally, commenting on issues raised by the story, e.g. “I too was impacted by the timely arrival of ampicillin.”  or “I could never write fiction based on my family.” It really was like sitting around a large comfy room with folks talking about the story as opposed to the image of say, a public reading followed by a book signing; very engaging and participatory.

To close things out, Marsh put together an edited summary of the event and while, as the story author, I found this interesting and useful, I thought that you might enjoy seeing how others experienced the story and what their feedback was.  So, to have it all in one place, below is the link to the original story and a second link to Marsha’s summary.

The story link: Sometimes a Miracle

The summary link: Story Chat Summary :: Sometimes A Miracle

Oh – and one fine point. There are several purposes served by Marsha’s story chat but one that I particularly value is leveraging the power of publishing via blog. I still own the story and the words that make it up. It lives within my own blog and as I consider what was said in the story chat, I can change the story itself to make it a better reading experience, so if you read both the version chatted about and the current story beneath the link above, you may see differences that have been inspired by the great folks who joined the chat.

Are you a reader who likes to engage others (and even the author) about what you’ve read?  If yes, you should be following Marsha’s blog  and her ongoing story chat series.

I also hope you’ve read the story. It used the device of historical fiction to highlight a many-life-saving event from the US, early 1960’s. As a point of history alone, you should know this stuff.

Thanks again Marsha! That was quite a ride.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap: Story Chat: Sometimes A Miracle

      1. Thanks Gary. That’s part of the point. It’s been a great year. Please continue to visit and support Cathy Cade with your comments next month and in September. You take the time to write excellent analyses. Thanks again for joining in this year.

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