New Story: The Net Worth of a Squirrel

You’ve seen those videos where a trapped animal is saved by some nice person. Yesterday, in our yard near Petaluma, I had my own opportunity to do such a thing. Here’s how it played out. I hope you enjoy my little adventure I call,
The word count on this one makes it about a 7 minutes read.  With that said, I offer you;

The Net Worth of a Squirrel

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4 thoughts on “New Story: The Net Worth of a Squirrel

  1. I am a retired elementary school teacher and had decided to spend my later years writing stories for children.
    The first one happened to be about a buckeye a little 4 year old had found and wondered what it was. He called it a soft rock, but he found out that it was a seed from a really large tree. Do you have any more info I coould use?

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    1. Hi Mary. And thanks for stopping by & checking out my story.
      I have several about my adventures as a very young boy that might help inspire ideas for your stories. Did you note that I have one about buckeyes?

      If you go to my “About…” page and look for the menu at the top titled, I Recall to age 19, the first sub menu is from my grammar school days. I captured several young boy misunderstandings that might help you.

      I’m particularly fond of,


      Let me know if you enjoy the life of a young boy and the story told through his eyes. Be ready to laugh.

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