Reprising: Of Crashes and Christmas

In 2019, I first shared this story and was pleasantly surprised with how popular it was.
I write to be read and something about this story really grabbed readers.  It’s a true retelling of how something unfolded for me back in 1973 and has been a rich memory and reminder of how I was raised, what life and sometimes death were like for a young man from Petaluma, California. It’s also a reminder of how simple it can be to be a positive influence on anyone’s life.
I re-shared it again in 2020 and once again, was pleased to see so many enjoying it and, I hope, taking something away to be a rich memory of their own.  A few months back, I decided  that as we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, I would share it again because my reader/audience has changed so much. Perhaps even those of you who read it before might enjoy spending 7 minutes refreshing that memory.
It still makes for a great pre-Thanksgiving or Christmas reflection.

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