New Story Posted: Defending Canopy Station

Greetings all,
Most of you know I write stories for a hobby and today I’m posting my newest longer story. This is my first Novella-length story which means it is just over 16250 words or about 55 minutes for average readers to enjoy.
This one is a straight up, hard SciFi, David v Goliath story about two space ships meeting in battle. One is a full warship from an aggressive nation back on Earth while the other is a simple ore transport vessel designed to serve the first self-sustaining mining station out among the asteroids.
Because I like such things, the story revolves around the speed of light and a little known force of physics known as Kinetic Energy. Because it is hard Science Fiction, after the basic idea of getting all this stuff up and running in space, everything stays within the realm of hard scientific laws and should be possible.
I think it’s a fun read, a tad nerdy, but it is a battle story which means someone is going to lose this round.
The story did well in its beta-read period, and now I’m anxious to share it.
I’d be most grateful if you would grab a big cup or glass of your favorite beverage, perhaps some snacks and tell the world to leave you alone for about an hour. Give it a read and let me know what you think. I’ve worked hard at getting the details right but you should feel invited to let me know if you find mistakes or any need for corrections.
Here’s the link:

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