New Pingback Posted: #WQWWC #50 & The Most Audacious Birthday Gift

Greetings all,

A blogger friend, Marsha of “Always Write”, creates fun blog writing and sharing events and this one caught my eye. Her full article is a fun tour of how others wrangled the topic. Here’s the link to it. #WQWWC #50

I realized I had a story with a quote that made vivid use of a strikingly red dress and submitted it for inclusion. Recently, I secure permission from a good friend to use his real name in the story, so if you read the original, you can enjoy it again now with Joseph’s real name in play.  If you know him, this is even funnier because he had the whole “cool” mode of existence nailed. He was that hard-to-love best friend because all the girls were gaga for him on first sight. I was visible only after he’d left the room. But this one time – I felt like I owed the room only to stumble later on a dark side of some of the people involved.  I hope you enjoy both Marcia’s challenge and my story titled:

GW bio card 4

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