New Coffee Share: 211203: Dark Edges of the Petaluma Valley

Greetings all,
Many of you know I’m part of a group of bloggers who meet each weekend to share stuff. Today I thought mine was worth sharing with my friends and followers.
I live on the edge of the Petaluma valley in Sonoma County California, and am working on a piece of historical fiction set here that turned into more work than I expected, but this week I have good progress to report along with a memory from the early 1970s about a real event that took place at the opposite end of this same valley.  Both are short and I hope you’ll check them out.
Here’s the link to get started:

2 thoughts on “New Coffee Share: 211203: Dark Edges of the Petaluma Valley

  1. Sorry to hear about your friend’s mother-in-law. Hope the work study program thing goes well for you. My husband and son are more into computers than I am. My son has actually more or less built his gaming computer as well as a mining computer. Me, I’m just an end-user. I know how to operate (to some degree) and that’s about the extent of it.

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