New Coffee Share 220114: Tokens of Protection

Greetings all,
Many of you know I’m part of a blogging group who meet each weekend to share writings of things we’re interested in.
This weekend I try to help the millions of us trying to create hack-proof passwords that we can actually recall.
You should add this idea to your own insights on online self protection. Here’s the link:

9 thoughts on “New Coffee Share 220114: Tokens of Protection

    1. Hi Philiss.
      I was interrupted by work but wanted to tell how great it was to hear from you. I still recall your kind words about my giant inner tube story. You really made my day back then and thanks to several folks like you, I’ve become a better blogger and writer since then.


      1. You humble me since I believe you are a terrific writer. I still recall the story and repeat it every opportunity I get since it was and still is captivating. Glad your here. I lost so many when wp mucked up my account. Little by little finding you back! it is a good thing 🙂

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