New 99-Word Micro Fiction: Far From Prison

Greetings all,
I’m announcing new piece of Micro Fiction.  This is another 99-word very short fiction that readers can start and finish in less about 30 seconds — but this one has an odd twist.
The prompt, as is often the case, comes from: Charli Mills’ #99WordStories challenge but her prompt was to rewrite a short story of hers. At the top of my full, but very short story is a link to her original fuller length story.
You can read just my 99-word version or you can click on her link first to enjoy how I scrunched her work into what is at my link below – your choice.
My bias is that she did a great job with her story and it deserves a read, but I really hope you take the 30 seconds to enjoy my reduction of it.

Here’s the link :  Far From Prison

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