New Coffee Share 220527 :: Personal Lighting & Tea

Greetings all,
Many of you know I’m part of a blogging group who meet each weekend to share writings of things we’re interested in.
Today, I share quick updates on: the ongoing success of using a Read Aloud tool for writing, a life hack for starting each morning with less than eye-blasting light and a new approach to brewing a morning tea that uses both blank and green teas.
There are also 2 new stories linked from last week. They’re both short and quickly enjoyed.
I hope you’ll check it all out,

7 thoughts on “New Coffee Share 220527 :: Personal Lighting & Tea

    1. hmmm,
      I don’t know the answer to this. How does one get a story into the reader? I thought there was some algorithm somewhere that feeds stories to readers based first on who you follow, but then magically based on the popularity of your posts.
      What do you know that I clearly don’t?

      I always thought that providing links was the fastest way someone could read one article, like a coffee share, then quickly get to another offered by the author.

      I may take this question up with Hugh. He’s the guy for questions like this.


    2. Ah – wait. You may be asking a different version of the question to which the answer is that when I post a new story using WP Pages, it goes nowhere. My followers are only alerted to the new story if I create it using WP Posts, which I don’t want to use because the whole chaining thing is close to meaningless where I’m building a collection of stand alone stories.

      Posts get old and hidden quickly but pages, if kept in a menu or public list can grow and grow and never get lost.

      This may be what you mean and why I create a post for my new pages.

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      1. Hi
        Yes – I was wondering why your posts in the reader always make us click a link to go elsewhere –
        Now I know !
        And the reason I ask is because I had some issues a while back and have been advised to click as few links as possible when blogging (and in emails) sounds like basic stuff – but just trying to be careful online and did lose a laptop to possible malware (it was an older one – but still….- sucked !)

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      2. Yea, I actually set my blog up like this before I understood the difference between posts and pages but once I figure it out decided that I accidentally landed where I would have chosen because of the chaining of links issue.
        Yuck on the malware item, that would such.
        Thanks for stopping by Yvette. You’re always welcome here !

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