New Coffee Share 220603 :: Standing Short Against Earwigs

Greetings all,
Many of you know I’m part of a blogging group who meet each weekend to share writings of things we’re interested in.
Today, I share quick updates on: the one new story I posted last week, a Memorial Day challenge to write 99-words about “the story behind a memorial”. I chose to find and write about a US soldier we lost to war. I found a compelling story about one Shannon Kent, and I hope you’ll take a few seconds to read my 99 words about her and perhaps even follow the link I provide to her larger memorial story.
I also wrote a quick update on a larger story project I was stalled on.  In short I took on too much for a story that I plan to be around 10,000 words. I ended up ripping out a whole secondary feature where the society I created was based on a pure meritocracy. I thought (and still do) that this would be fascinating to explore and had a whole system designed to use through out the story but when mixed with the Welsh character names – the result was just unreadable.  Anyway, that project is finally moving ahead.
Finally, several readers have insisted that they enjoy the backyard lizard updates, so I brought that feature back, this time featuring a hunting encounter one of the lizards had with earwigs – yea those nasty looking insects that don’t really crawl into your ears or often succeed in even pinching you with their gnarly-looking tails.  Slight spoiler – it doesn’t go well with the earwigs.
I hope you’ll check it all out,

4 thoughts on “New Coffee Share 220603 :: Standing Short Against Earwigs

  1. Earwigs! I’d blissfully forgotten them since moving to the Edge where the Sierra and Great Basin meet. Your writing, Gary, has been a reminder of one gain from the move – a gain of the loss of Earwigs.

    And potato bugs, too.



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  2. A quick story about an earwig that did get in my little brother’s ear. He might have put in there himself. Mom had a heck of a time holding the kid’s head down and reaching into hi sear with a tweezer. It eventually came out clasping a bit of ear wax. Brothers! So gross.

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    1. yikes Antoinette. . .
      this gives even me the creeps. I can’t imagine how it would have gotten in there without your brother’s assistance. Thanks for stopping by.


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