New 99-Word Micro Fiction :: A Nostalgic Salvation

Greetings all,

I’m announcing new piece of Micro Fiction.
This is another 99-word very short fiction that readers can enjoy in about 30 seconds.

This story is a bittersweet tale of one man losing so much only to be rescued in an unexpected way

Click here to read: A Nostalgic Salvation

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8 thoughts on “New 99-Word Micro Fiction :: A Nostalgic Salvation

      1. Hey Sadje. Am I reading my WordPress stats correctly? Are you in Pakistan? One of my favorite people, a best friends for many years is from there and, so of course everyone from Pakistan must be as great a person as he is – right? Anyway, I’m so glad we’ve met via this blogging thing. Meeting folks like you is one of the best things about blogging for me.

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      2. That’s really good to know Gary. I’m glad you’ve a good impression about Pakistani people. It’s my favorite part about blogging too. I’ve made friends all over the world through blogging. Thanks

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