Reprising :: IDK, What Do You Want To Do

Today I refreshed and added details to one of my favorite end-of-summer memories of growing up near Grant School in Petaluma, California in the mid 1960s.  Friends who went there will recognize the places mentioned even if you didn’t do the things we did, you’ll know where to look for evidence.

Those days moved slower than today and often we were aware that this lifestyle would not last forever.  Like me, you may enjoy a glance back at how simple it was to have so much fun.

Told from the perspective of a very young boy, I hope you’ll agree that, wherever you went to grammar school, this story is a great way to send off the summer of 2022.

Click here to read: IDK, What Do You Want To Do

GW bio card 4

3 thoughts on “Reprising :: IDK, What Do You Want To Do

    1. Hi Sadje – yea, Skip was your classic, human loving dog. He’d do anything for us or to be with us. His mom was mine and was more reserved and dignified. She too loved me dearly but was not willing to be made a fool of or be conned into doing stupid things.
      Great companions – both of them.
      Thanks for sharing this memory with me.

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