Reprising :: Scarfing and Smashing Coins

Today I refreshed and added details to one of my young boy memories of growing up  in Petaluma, California in the mid 1960s.  This place, or the memory of it, has become iconic for great fast food that few of us should have survived.

If you grew up there, you know you could not find ‘Scarf and Barf’ in the yellow pages. Remember when we all had those giant sources of near comprehensive ads for local businesses? I know that you can’t drive past that corner without recalling the times your parents drove through and you could barely wait for your greasy bags to land in your lap – and got in trouble for sneaking bites before getting home.

Anyway, all polished up with a full rewrite and adding several new smart remarks, this is my tribute to, okay, I’ll say it once – ‘The Snack Bar’, that we all knew and loved but called it only, ‘Scarf and Barf’, meaning  it only in the most affectionate way possible.

Click here to read: IDK, Scarfing and Smashing Coins

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