Refreshing :: The Eucalyptus Sprout Adventure

Today, I’m continuing my rewrite and refresh of my older “I Recall” stories.

I’m using newer editing tools and adding details to another story from growing up  in Petaluma, California in the mid 1960s.  This story is one I doubt any of you would have experienced – because we were geniuses and no one could have thought up this stunt except us.

This is the story of how a small band of 6 boys found the best adventure ever one afternoon in a field with a lot of eucalyptus tree sprouts. You might want to read this one sitting safely down.

Click here to read: The Eucalyptus Sprouts Adventure

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5 thoughts on “Refreshing :: The Eucalyptus Sprout Adventure

    1. Hahaha Sadje,
      Years later I worried about the inconvenience or even wrong we’d done to the field owner. There were so many of these types of fields around, not being ranched so much as they weren’t large enough to be profitable so this field was left unused as near as I can recall from our frequent pass-throughs. They had removed the main tree at one time, which produced the wide flat stumps which caused the growth of these sprouts and then left those to grow as we found them.
      Fast forward 20 years later and that lot was a new neighborhood of fancy homes with almost no eucalyptus trees to be seen because they are considered to be too messy to keep near someone’s home. Maybe we helped reduce the task of preparing that lot for that neighborhood. . .
      Who knows – but I now know that, helpful or not, what we did was wrong and ultimately disrespectful at least to the owner. Our normal wanderings were not this destructive and more often we left no trace.
      But still – – -.

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