New Coffee Share Article :: A Tulle Trap Hack

Greetings all,

This new coffee share reverses the trend of leaving the memory of our backyard blue belly lizards because a new group has arrived.

I love sharing hacks that I’ve come up with and today share one that I’ve not heard anyone address – the cleaning of the dryer vent from accumulated lint. Once year, long ago I cleaned ours and could not believe the mess it left. This time, that wasn’t going to happen so here’s what I did.

I hope you’ll stop by and share a virtual sip and update with me.

GW bio card 4

3 thoughts on “New Coffee Share Article :: A Tulle Trap Hack

    1. Hi Sadje, Agreed. Obviously that vent needed to be cleaned -but I really did not want to spend the next few weeks trying to pick up all that lint from that corner of the yard. It was terrible last time.
      Plus it was kind of fun this way.
      Thanks for the visit and read.

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