An Expanded & Refreshed Holiday Story :: Of Crashes and Christmas

Greetings all,
Today, I’m continuing a ritual of sharing one of my most popular stories. It’s my one Thanksgiving and Christmas memory from my ‘I Recall’ collection. I have lots of new readers who could not have seen it and for those of you who have – can I offer you a chance to read it again?  I’ve expanded it with new details and did a much better edit than I was capable of in previous years.
This is the story of my parents horrific car accident back in 1973 and how it brought me into a special friendship that amazes me to this day.
I hope you enjoy the story at least as much as I enjoyed writing and sharing it.

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9 thoughts on “An Expanded & Refreshed Holiday Story :: Of Crashes and Christmas

  1. Wow Gary what a beautiful story. I was a bit sad at first but so relieved your parents made a full recovery and that you made a special friend during that time. Such a heartfelt story Gary, I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂

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    1. Hello Christina, yea, this story has been popular since I first shared it almost 4 years ago. Since you live in California, perhaps you’ve visited San Francisco and this neighborhood or visited Marin or Sonoma Counties where the bay tree trees grow wild.
      I’m also pleased that you read this version of the story because I wasn’t a very good editor 4 years ago and the earlier version had lots of typos and less detail. I’m slowly working my way through that collection to try and clean them up.
      I was thinking about your background in mental health and thought I should invite you to read some of my work where this is a feature, and invite you to comment as to whether I ‘got it right’?
      I don’t recall what the inspiration for this story was, but it’s one of my favorites from my Flash Fiction collection. It’s a fast read and you might really like it – but I’d value your opinion either way.
      Thanks so much for reading my stories.


      1. I have been to San Francisco but its been many many years. I grew up in a small town called Alameda. Have you heard of it? Its about a 20-30 minute drive from San Francisco if my memory is correct. I will definitely read that story you suggested later on this evening. Hope your enjoying your Thanksgiving 😁

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      2. Hi Chirstina. I have heard of Alameda and have even been there. These days it hose the historic aircraft carrier, Hornet. I’ve visited it and spent one night there with my sons on a scouting overnight visit. We had a great thanksgiving, saw lots of family we’ve not seen for a long time (thanks to covid).
        We live about an hour north of San Fran and pass by Alameda still when we go visit our family in the south or visit Oakland Airport.
        Thanks for reading my stories. I hope you too had a wonderful thanksgiving.

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    1. Hi Sadje.
      This story was one of my first surprise hits. When I hit released it, I thought few would care for it because it’s kind of all over the map, but it really did find a great audience and has cost me several hours trying to understand and learn why.
      Thanks so much for giving it a read.
      May your home be buried in blessings this season.

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