New Short Fiction :: The Deer in the Fog

Greetings all,

I’m announcing a new piece of Short Fiction.  This 613 word story should take only a few minutes to read. It was inspired both by the latest #WritePhoto prompt from KL Caley .

A man is up in a tree on a foggy morning, watching a herd of deer, but what is he up to?

 Click here to read: The Deer in the Fog

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3 thoughts on “New Short Fiction :: The Deer in the Fog

    1. Hi Sadje, yea, the muse was in a dark-ish mood that day, but I do like the image of a man, a felon being on the run, needing a meal and resorting to something like this. Some who have lots of deer on their land think of them as large rats that eat anything of value from flower or vegetable gardens and even landscaping. I’ve had neighbors who would have, if they could have, shot any deer that wandered onto their land. At first I was shocked, but they really are destructive and thus unwelcomed by many.

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