New Navigation & New Blurbs

Greetings all,

I’m thrilled to announce the release of an improved part of my story blog. Since I use this blog to create, curate and share stories, I needed a good landing page for both newcomers and long time readers to go to find how things work here and what’s fresh and new.

I had a basic list before with a few insights but had a vision of something much better. Today, I’m offering it both  to my readers and those interested in seeing how one man has setup to share his literary art.

My story list is getting long and up to now I’ve not tried to incorporate blurbs to help someone choose a story rather than guess what a story might be about from the title alone. I may settle on the format of this page to start adding blurbs. My three longest stories now have blurbs ready for your examination.

I’m a bit of an information nerd so I want a lot of it with each story. This is my attempt to collect this information in a way that helps those who appreciate it while not annoying those who just want the link so they can start reading.

I hope you’ll stop by to check it all out: Click here to go to my Newest Stuff landing page

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