A Refreshed Story :: The 2nd Bully Adventure

Greetings all,

As teased earlier, this story is part 2 of dealing with bullies during my time at Petaluma Junior High. This story stretches over all of 7th through 9th grades and involved more than just me and the bully.

This time I had to deal with the bully threatening my girlfriend which as any guy knows has a whole different gene sequence and has a shorter default crisis trigger on a young man’s adrenaline glands. This is another true story, one where someone threatened my actual girlfriend forcing me to act way out of character.  This story is how it worked out for the thug.

Fully updated, re-edited, and with new details added  I hope you’ll check it out, and enjoy a this glance back the late 1960s.

Click here to read: The 2nd Bully Adventure

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5 thoughts on “A Refreshed Story :: The 2nd Bully Adventure

    1. Wow – Sadje.
      Something really went south on me here. It barely looked like my story. I ended up having to pull much of it back from the edit log from over 2 months ago.
      It was worse than repeated portions – a large portion was fully gone.
      Thank you so much for calling this out. It might have been a long time before I revisited this story and it would have been torture for anyone who tried to read it.
      I really owe you for bringing this to my attention.

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