New Short Fiction :: The Quiet Love and Wisdom of Melvin

Greetings all,

I’m announcing a new piece of Short Fiction.  This 1967 word story is told with character dialog only and should take about 9-10 minutes to read. It was inspired by the latest #WritePhoto prompt from KL Caley .


“So, Trish, this was where you were raised?”

“Yep, it’s been cleaned up a lot and I doubt the owners allow anyone to live here now. They’re all used for small warehousing I think.”

“Wow girl! Humble beginnings and all. How far you’ve come – and with Melvin. I would not have guessed.”

“And Gloria, about Melvin;  he was a neighbor living in that last second-story room on the left. He wasn’t a great student but don’t let anyone fool you about him. Many underestimated him but he’ll always be my hero, and my knight in denim armor. . .


A woman brings her friend to visit the run-down alley to a set of apartments where the poorest of families lived and where she was raised to tell her the story of how she met Melvin.

 Click here to read: The Quiet Love and Wisdom of Melvin

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