A Refreshed Story :: My Penngrove Pivot

Greetings all,

I’ve updated, re-edited and did a grammar polishing of my high school story about a group of kids I hung with from Penngrove California. This still-small community is only a few miles northwest of Petaluma but it turned into a whole new world for me because I was now in high school, liberated from my unicycle, and had my first car I could load up with friends and create my own adventures. This is the story of how it all unfolded.

Memories, mistakes, and mischief all happened, but lessons were also learned.

This is another story that took place in Petaluma and Penngrove  in the early and mid 1960s so will be nostalgic for many who grew up there. I hope you’ll check it out or enjoy it a second time now that it’s all polished up.

Click here to read: My Penngrove Pivot

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