A Refreshed Story :: The Chainsaw Adventure

Greetings all,

I’ve been looking forward to polishing and reprising this story. It is one of the funniest things that ever happened in my family. If you choose to read it, I recommend doing so sitting down.  If you read it aloud to others, make sure they are safely settled into chairs they simply can’t fall out of.

By no means, let someone read it to you while driving – or using power tools.

This is another story that took place while I was a student at Petaluma High School in the early 1970s but I doubt it will give rise to nostalgic feelings. That would be scary. But I do hope  you’ll check it out or enjoy it a second time now that it’s all polished up.

Click here to read: The Chainsaw Adventure

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11 thoughts on “A Refreshed Story :: The Chainsaw Adventure

    1. Hi Sadje, Oh yes. I believe he would agree with this statement. Dad had an inexhastable sense of humor and was well known for it. He also had a temper, but it was rarely seen If seen, it was likely that something unfair happened to someone he cared about or it happened to a group of people he did not need to know to angry for them. But this stunt, intended or not, bordered on him being cruel – which we all, even Mike, knew could not be true, but he would certainly agree that this stunt sure felt cruel. For him, it had to feel like an unprovoked near-death experience. He couldn’t even talk for a while afterwards. It seems that so much unused adrenaline in our bloodstream is – unsettling, to say the least. Thanks for giving it a read. I hope you also smiled – just a little for how much we, the guys involved and who have heard the story and laughed out loud at it.
      Guy humor can border on cruelty.

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      1. The old man settled back into the squeaky leather chair, shook his head slowly while looking off to some useless corner of the ceiling, took a deep breath and signed it back out. His eyes narrowed as if they found a fragile point of focus and answered, “You know, I’d like to think so but I still have rare moments of clarity when my wit if not my wisdom recall the mindset I had 50 plus years ago and then — some odd, possibly embarrassing outburst, results.”

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