A Case of Kite on Kite :: N2W 220416

Inspired by KL Caley’s #WRITEPHOTO Challenge to write a
short story about her April 14, 2022, photo prompt.


Photo credit: KL Caley

“Okay, here we are Jace. Ready for one of your grandma’s sausage, cheese and grilled onion sandwiches?”

“You bet Grandpa!  They’re the best anywhere.”

“Ah she even threw in a couple apples and bags of chips. We should try and finish up before the battles start.  It looks like a few are getting their kites warmed up – and there goes the first one.  See if you can follow it with your binoculars.”

“I think I see it. It has a picture of a fighter jet with sticks sticking way out the sides”

“Ah – I see it too and those sticks are called spars. They are the frame that hold the kite together and when they stick out like that, they can damage their opponent’s kites.”

“This is going to be so cool Grandpa – like battle bots except with kites.  Thanks for skipping bird watching to bring me.”

“Oh, I can watch birds anytime. I only get to see you a few times a year. Look up goes another and it’s a big one. From here it looks like a classic Japanese stye.’

“There’s another, Grandpa! It looks like a bird with his claws out.”

“Keep your eye on that bird kite. I’ve seen him before and he’s really good. “

“I like how fast they can turn and dive – almost like real fighter  je. . . WHOA!  What was that?  Grandpa did you see that new smaller bird kite attack the first bird kite?”

“Yes I did and suspect . . .”

“The bird kite is falling. Wow – that other kite must have broken it. I didn’t think the battle had started yet. Ouch!  What a cool crash!”

“The match hadn’t started yet, and that was no kite.  That was a bird of some kind. Let me look it up. I got a quick look at him and suspect I know what it was but have never seen one myself.”

“Wow, that’s even cooler. A bird attached a bird-kite. Wait until I tell mom!”

“Okay, this matches what I saw; about a foot and a half long with a wingspan of almost a full yard, mostly light-gray. Jace, you’re going to love this, but that bird-of-prey kite was just destroyed by a live Mississippi Kite, a real bird-of-prey who will attack almost anything when they’re nesting.  My bird watching friends have told me that Vance Airforce Base often has problems with them once a year when they migrate here from South America to nest and raise their chicks.”

“Um Grandpa. I’m confused. Was that a bird or a kite?”

“That’s just it grandson — it was both, a live bird and a type of bird called ‘kites’, like an eagles or falcons, that was a kite; a live Mississippi Kite and I’d given almost anything to have caught that on video.”

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17 thoughts on “A Case of Kite on Kite :: N2W 220416

  1. That’s really interesting!! Love the story Gary. I bet the kite bird enjoyed taking down his easy opponent! Haha, that would be fun to see in person too! Thank you for sharing! 😀

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  2. Before your time on writephoto – Sue, who originated the prompt and handed it off to KL before she passed away, loved red kites and wrote about them a lot – they seemed to show up every time she was about to have an adventure. I did think about a story about red kites for that reason, but drew a blank…

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    1. Hi Willow.
      I almost went with the red kite for the story but then came across an article about the Mississippi Kite an the airforce base they frequently terrorize. It was too good to not use.
      Thanks so much for giving it a read.


  3. Nice story, Gary, and I would not have guessed that the air force base thing was real, thanks for sharing that in the comments! You got me thinking about the name for kites in different languages (in Italian it’s a “big eagle” and in Portuguese it’s a “flying parrot”, if I am not mistaken; for some reason, in French it’s a “flying deer”…)
    For the story itself, I loved that you had this sentence:
    > Oh, I can watch birds anytime. I only get to see you a few times a year.
    In a longer piece, that would need its own focus, but in a flash fiction piece like this, I loved how behind that sentence there is a whole lot of untold backstory.

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    1. Hi Francesca.
      I hope all is well with you.
      Thanks for stopping by and giving my story a read.
      Yea, the airforce base item caught my eye while researching for this story and found d it too compelling to leave out as it certified that my fiction was well within “possible”.
      I love your ability to compare across languages – probably more like ‘envy’, and of course the French is very funny. I wonder how that happened.
      I do wonder which was named after the other. Was the flying toy named after the bird or the reverse?
      Because the bird had to be there before humans figured out how to build and fly kites, I bet it was bird followed by the flying toy.
      Thanks for the visit.


      1. I hope I didn’t sound like I was bragging about it. I simply like to find links between words even in languages I don’t speak 🙂
        I do believe the bird names came first, and the toy were how people tried to imitate them. But I know there are languages where it’s called a “dragon”, and apparently some even call it a “happy flag”. I find that cute!

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      2. Nah – I sensed no “bragging”, only friendly engagement with my story. Your skill with languages no doubt took lots of work putting all the pieces together. I’m just proud to know you and envy the talent you developed.

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    1. Isn’t this one of the reasons we love writing? I do love finding stuff like this out and making it stick in my own brain by weaving a story around it. Thanks for giving it a read and for letting me know.


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