A Crown of My Own :: N2W 220310


Photo credit goes to: KL Caley

“Wearing that crown for 38 years made me wise son.”

“Father! How could wearing a band of metal and jewels make anyone wise?”

“You just — pay attention to it — care about what it cares about. Ask before you think, think before you speak and remember that it’s only yours temporarily to care for.”

“Too mystic for me. I’m glad that Callum’s the first born and will inherit it.  I can marry Fenella — have a family and a normal life.”

“Aye lad, you can, but know that she, that family and that ‘normal life’ will be your crown.”


From:  KL Caley’s New To Writing: #WRITEPHOTO


GW bio card 4

16 thoughts on “A Crown of My Own :: N2W 220310

    1. Indeed – as long as it is worn by someone other (and wiser) than me.
      I also think that while it is flawed, the US constitutional democracy is the best way for men & women to govern each other. Our most recent version is particularly horrible.
      Sigh. . .


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