A Dark Tunnel :: N2W 220128


“Come on Amy. I promise you’ll love it.”
“When you’re this excited, Jared, there’s a catch.”
“No catch, let’s go.”
“Okay – stop dragging.”
“We’re here. Ready?”
“It’s awfully dark and weird looking. Where does it go?”
“Only about 10 feet in.”
“Oooo – the walls are thick clear plastic.”
“The ceiling is the same stuff. Pull the curtain closed and look up as your eyes adjust.”
“Oh wow — fish and what, a boat? We’re underwater! Is that a crocodile?”
“Alligator maybe. I can never remember the difference.”
“So, a short tunnel in behind the dam. This is VERY cool!”

From: KL’s New 2 Writing: #WRITEPHOTO



GW bio card 4

6 thoughts on “A Dark Tunnel :: N2W 220128

  1. I enjoyed the dialogue. My thought as I looked at the image involved the question, is it dangerous or safe (cool) on the other side? I am not sure if crocodiles/alligators under the water answers my question. Great post.

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  2. Great story Gary. I love how the dialogue pulled us in straight away. A Dam, I’d have never have thought of that. Thanks so much for joining in with #writephoto. KL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi KL.
      Thanks for the kind feedback.
      This is the fun of these prompts, you can never guess where som mi do are going to land.
      Anyway, I’m going to stick with a 99 word limit to answering your prompt because I want to strengthen the skill it takes to create them.
      Glad you liked this interpretation.

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