A Place to Think :: N2W 221104

“Good morning Jake. Do you know where Dad is?”

“Oh – hello Margie, Sorry I didn’t see you walk in.  He’s out on the tractor again. Sure seems weird seeing as how it hasn’t started for over two months. It’s still along the road to the south 40, about two and half miles, just before the trees.”

“Good morning, Jake. Do you know where Dad is?”

“Oh – hello Margie, Sorry I didn’t see you walk in.  He’s out on the tractor again. Sure seems weird seeing as how it hasn’t started for over two months. It’s still along the road to the south 40, right where the engine died, about two and half miles, just before the trees.”

‘Hm. How did he seem today?”

“Chipper!  He seemed really happy today; got up early, made his own breakfast and coffee, commented on what a great day it looked to be, grabbed his computer backpack, jumped into the truck and drove out to that old tractor.  Mary, do you think we can call the mechanic and get it fixed for him?”

“Yes, he’s up to something but it does make no sense to not get it running.  It’s new enough that it should have plenty of life left on it. Heck, the problem might even be covered by the warranty. I’ll look into it. But in the meantime, I’ll check his laundry then I’ll go out to visit with him before heading into work.”

N2W tractor


“Ah Margie. What time is it?  I wasn’t expecting you until – oh – now, I guess. You’re timing is perfect though. I just got off the phone. Where’s my morning hug?”

“Hello Dad. Umm – you do sound chipper today. Did you say you were on the phone – out here? How did you get a signal?”

“Oh, there’s still no cell towers nearby. I picked up a satellite phone. Harder to hack and track.”

“Okay – but you’re supposed to be retired. Why would you need such a thing?”

“Complex answer. Have you seen any news today?”

“No – I’ve found it too depressing, and work has been pounding on me. What happened?”

“Well, the news about how our board is sticking with their story about how we don’t censor our site users based on political views blew up again. You must have heard that.”

“Yes. It’s ridiculous and obvious that we do, but they think they can spin the media coverage so. . .”

“What the board thinks no longer matters. Matthews, Kowalski, Eimms and I have been assembling a plan and the market drop yesterday was the final item that we needed to trigger it.”

“Those are all board members, right? I recognize the first two, but Eimms?”

“Sharron Eimms, she’s from one of our institutional investors. Much of this plan is her idea.”

“Dad!  What did you all do?”

“This is why I needed the sat-phone.  We needed absolute protection from snoopers. One of our investigators found spyware on Matthew’s computer and home router. We left it all in place so the snoopers would only hear stuff they’d not worry about.  Once the price dropped so far, the four of us and your trust could afford to issue buy-orders first thing this morning and we bought enough shares of the company to represent a controlling interest. I had warned the head of legal, and he sent termination notices out to both members of the board and Chief executive team along with key VPs, directors, and managers. Some may try to fight it, but they’ll will find substantial triggers in their severance that cancels a lot of golden parachutes if they do.

“We weren’t sure this would work, but the drop in stock price made it all possible. Those of us who did not like the way the company was being run could finally act and our combined ownership protects us from what is sure to be some angry blowback.

“Now I can tell you about your promotion. We need a new VP of User Services. Members of the team asked for you because they want a public and sincere invitation program to try to recover all those who the previous management had censured. This is going to be a rough ride for whoever takes the job, but I think you are the best candidate for the position.”

“Dad – I – I’m completely – I had no clue.  I need to think.”

“Well, I thought through and planned out all my actions right here. You’re welcome to use the tractor to digest and prepare your day. You won’t be interrupted, and I can bring you some fresh coffee and one of my famous breakfast sandwiches if you need breakfast still.”

“Wow – Dad!  You’ve completely caught me off guard, I do need to think.  This changes so many things but I’m enthusiastic about the possibility of loving my work again. But your offer of the tractor, coffee, and sandwich seals the deal for me. Make sure there’s a grilled tomato slice on the sandwich and meet me back here in an hour. Let’s change the world again.” 

N2W tractor

Inspired by KL Caley’s #WritePhoto challenge
and her November 4,, 2022 prompt: Tractor.

GW bio card 4

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