A Remote Getaway :: N2W 2200802

Inspired by KL Caley’s #WRITEPHOTO Challenge to write a
By chance, this story also matched a prompt from Charli Mills
and her Carrot Ranch August 1, 99-word story prompt to


solitude remote castlePhoto Credit: KL Caley

Benjamin staggered through the silent, remote castle again because it comforted him. His head was bandaged, arm throbbing from infection, one knee weak from a bad twist, and everything else, just plain hurt, but walking in silence helped.

The tall stone walled rooms echoed each footstep and each heavy breath misted slightly in the unheated air. 

A screaming rocket and explosion broke through his cherished image, rocking the ground, pounding his ears, and spraying him with loose soil.

“Ben!” yelled Andrew. “You have to wake up! The tallies are on us.!You’re going to have to heal later brother!”

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