About this collection

Over the past couple of years, our extended family has lost several members.

There was no unusual event like an accident or disaster.  We just lost them to old age. As I talked to family members, I was struck by how much oral family history was being lost each time someone passed.

If you know me at all, you know that I love to tell stories from my own past.  I love recalling and sharing the great memories and lessons I learned along my life path. I didn’t think my life had been all that remarkable, but have been told otherwise so who knows?  It must depend on personal perspective. Regardless, I do love telling a story in a way that we can all share a laugh.

Now I’m grown, married and have grown kids of my own.  A while back, when talking to my daughter about these family deaths and the stories I was hearing, she challenged me to record my own stories so they don’t get lost like so many others we were watching drift out of reach.  She thought my stories were fun to retell and did not want to see them lost.

Okay, then. I started collecting short story files and sharing them around some. This turned into a blog which makes them easy to maintain and share.  Here’s what you’ll find here.

DOT Stories: These are the original purpose of this blog.  DOT stands for “Dime of Time”.  These stories are:

  • 2000 words or less so most readers can enjoy them in 10 minutes
  • Autobiographical and true with some license taken for playful hyperbole
  • Entertaining – If I don’t think it would entertain, I don’t bother writing it.
  • Visual – I want you to feel like you were right there watching the event unfold
  • Told in first person, just like we were sitting down sharing a meal or drink while we share stories and laughs
  • Clean – No F-bombs ever, rare use of crude language and only when quoting someone as opposed to from the narrator
  • A bit rowdy sometimes, but that’s what growing up is all about
  • Family friendly – I would let my children read each item on my site, I don’t write graphic adult stuff.

Coffee Shares: These are a long running weekly essays that were shared with a group of bloggers who have been meeting for this purpose for many years.  Mine tend to:

  •  include some diary style updates or major happenings,
  • but also wander off to other topics of general interest.

Short Fiction & Non: This is a newer section and the collection is small but growing

  • Micro Fiction: 500 words or less
  • Flash Fiction: 1500 words or less
  • Short stories: 5000 words or less
  • Non Fiction Essays

I invite you to read, enjoy and share my stories.  I hope you find more than a few good laughs.

I also hope you can see yourself in a few. If we’re not already friends, well – we should fix that.  Under a different menu selection, you’ll find a “Contact Me” selection.  You can take it from there I think.

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