About your Car’s Warranty :: CR99 220418

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about never ending.

Warranty“What are you so upset about?”

“I got scam calls all weekend about my car’s warranty. As employees, we’re supposed to have exemptions built in. I shouldn’t have gotten any calls, so I started hanging up on all caller IDs.

“Five were from the hospital. My wife had been in an accident.

“I – HUNG – UP – ON – THEM – and she died before I got there.”

“It shouldn’t have happened,”

“Sorry man. That’s rough.”

“As their lead programmer, I’m feeding it right back. Our execs are going to get calls non-stop starting midnight. We’ll see how they like this never-ending scam.”

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23 thoughts on “About your Car’s Warranty :: CR99 220418

    1. Nation-wide we are enduring a recent one about how “We’ve been trying to contact you about your car’s extended warranty and . . .” they try to get whoever answered to phone to engage and be scammed. Their yield is likely low by now by now, but it costs them next to nothing to keep cycling through all possible phone numbers to pick up the few how don’t hang up immediately.


  1. Gosh, I know what the story is about too. We don’t hang up these days but with a home phone (as opposed to our mobiles) we keep it connected but don’t answer it. We too get spam calls on the mobiles too from so-called the NBN (broadband service/internet) that we are going to be cut off…our telecom providor is working to reduce this kind of call. I have many blocked numbers! Take care, Denyse #weekendcoffeeshare

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  2. Back in the early 2000s, I’d spend long days at my mother-in-law’s who had dementia. She often got spam calls before I discovered the joys of the newly instituted “Do Not Call List” and put her number on it.

    I did, however, find that I enjoyed having some of my afternoon time filled up by listening to her answer those calls and torment the young men on the other end more than they ever tormented me when they called my home in the middle of my supper.

    She was in the middle stage of Alzheimer’s so could carry on a decent conversation even though she really had no earthly idea what you were talking about. The spammer would call asking for a donation or for her to subscribe to a magazine or service, and then quickly describe said foundation or magazine or service. Then they’d ask for the monetary amount she’d like to pledge. That’s when she’d ask them why they were calling her or who they were. They’d explain all over again. Then they’d ask again the amount she wanted to pledge. She’d ask who they were and why they called her. They’d explain again. She would ask how they knew her. They’d explain how her name was on their list. She’d ask what list had her name on it. They’d explain the list of names that they called from, and what they had to offer her. She’d ask what the choices were. They’d tell her and ask what she’d like to pledge. She’d ask why they were calling her. I would just sit listening and laughing as this was every conversation I had with her all day every day and now some scumbag was being tortured and his time was being wasted by her and he wasn’t going to make a sale. Sometimes this went on for an hour or more as they’d try to get her to find her checkbook and write a check for the amount (pre-debit card, PayPal, etc.) and send it to them for whatever their gig was. It was amazing the time they’d invest to get her to sign-up for something including extended insurance on her car or appliances in her home that she didn’t have or were over 40 years old. Those were good times during rough times and times I do appreciate spending with her.

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    1. Hi Zuzu,
      This is wonderful – had I been there, I would have been laughing with you. It sounds like your MIL was loosing the ability to do this with intention, which makes it even more funny as long as she was never convinced to find her checkbook. In those days, all these callers were human and thus it was harder to be mean spirited to them and I recall trying to be polite and so many of them made it nearly impossible by never giving up gracefully. That changed into the question, “is it ever rude to just hang up on a robot?” and now with incremental dialing and caller ID spoofing – the “Do Not Call list” is meaningless. I bet thousands of people have just abandoned their land line service and are dealing as best they can with just the exposure of their mobile phone.
      This is such a mess – and our only option seems to be just hanging up if we have to answer at all.
      If something is not done – I predict it will be the end of traditional phone service, first in 1st world countries with all phone service going to voip from a computer where (computer to computer, you need not have a phone number but would use something more like an email address or unique passcode which would be immune to the concept of incremental phone number dialing.
      Thanks for the sad, but fun story of your MIL


    1. Hi Deb.
      We have no means of punishment with these folks, so I’ve wanted to write some fiction where they get a taste of the fruit of their efforts. It felt better than just grousing 😏
      Thanks for giving it a read and commiserating some.

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  3. This is the one thing I hate about my phone and I am waiting for some calls so I can’t just hang up on them all like I used to. If I didn’t know the name I didn’t answer, but I missed some important calls and since I am waiting for the assisted living place to call I have to answer most phone calls since cell phones can be from anywhere and that is what a lot of business calls are on now. Less and less businesses like homes have landlines anymore. The worst part is your story could be true.

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    1. And the good old caller ID is next to worthless because it’s so easily spoofed.
      This story was born out of my own frustration with the mess. I too have to answer most of my calls but end up hanging up on 19 out of each 20.
      I do hope to hear soon that your situation has a good resolution.
      Thanks for for stopping by Tessa.
      I promise my next story will not be annoying 😏

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      1. Yeah the spoofing is out of control. I get “calls” from Medicare and my electric company all the time since those numbers are in my phone’s contact list. And now the fundraising has started again. I have had two so far today alone. They have such pleasant voices, but then they start their spiel and I hang up on them. It took a while for me to get so I could hang up on people. I couldn’t do it for a long time so I was answering call after call. And now I can even ignore some.

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      2. Yea. It’s hard but I think this “industry” has been ruined by the scammers. It feels like a long time ago now that I became rude enough to hang up on any unwanted caller, fund raisers, poll takers, robots, men, women (soon we’ll add kids) anybody I don’t know.
        My customers sometimes call with urgent problems so I have to answer and list for them but most aren’t so I just hang up without saying anything.
        It doesn’t feel like me anymore.

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  4. I got an app that screens numbers to determine if it’s a scam or not. It doesn’t always pick up. Sometimes it does not recognize it’s a scam and when it does not, it’s always safe to assume it is a scam. These scammers have gotten sophisticated where they use the area code of the area local to you because they think you’d be more likely to pick up.

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    1. For whatever reason, our landlines get hit the most but we both need them for work, but about the scanners, there are no sufficient words to describe their degree of evil.
      On the other hand, I really appreciate you reading any of my articles- so thank you


    1. Thanks Charli – Ywa, We’ve been overwhelmed in scam calls lately so this was my screaming back at them. Makes no real difference, but sure felt good to write and share. Thanks for putting this challenge together.


    1. Hi Yvette,
      Thanks for checking it out.
      Would you be surprised to know that for the 2 days prior to my writing this little gem, some scam call algorithm targeted our home land line # of calls like this EVERY 6-10 minutes during our local business hours for 2 days straight. Our answering machine would pick them up and store the tail end of each call but would max out the machine and I had to spend a long time deleting each one by one by one. So instead I answered each call myself, let it run for a bit before hanging up. We must have gotten a couple of hundred such calls so something had to be done – producing this story is what came out as my response. . .
      I wanted to tie them in knots even if only fictionally. So, yea – this was based on a real event.
      I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the result 🙂


      1. Gary – what is a landline ? And do you mean answering machines still exist ?
        Just kidding
        But that sounds like a royal pain in the arse!

        I hope it doesn’t happen a lot – I know it is hard but a new phone number could help.

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