Behind That Tiny Door :: N2W 220505

Inspired by KL Caley’s #WRITEPHOTO Challenge to write a
short story about her May 5, 2022, photo prompt.


“Ooo – could you not have chose a place with a normal door. Is the room this cramped?  It tweaks me fear of tiny spaces.”

“Oh stop yer griping and come along. The room is only going to be deserted for another hour or so, and no, the room is normal-sized. Ya won’t feel so cramped inside and the door is not so tight for folk  who don’t eat so many of Mrs. Caley’s Cinnamon muffins all th’time. Quickly now, hand me the pry bar. I have to lift this lid and this is the hardest part of the job.”

“Oka–y!  There it goes. How far do ya need it?”

“That’s far enough. Hand me the bag now.  I just need to be able to reach the relic.”

“The what?!. Don’t tell me yer stealing the Bishops’ relic.”

“No.  I’m not stealing the relic. I’m putting it back.”

“Oh Mick – this time you’ve gone to far. Lemme see. Oh – curse me own eyes, those aren’t the bones of a saint. those are the bones of donkey.”

“Yes, and all the Bishop’s people have been pray’in’ to donkey bones for forgiveness since last Christmas. I’m just putting back the real saint’s bones.”

“Too far Mick!  Way too far. Why would you do such’a thing. Were you daft?”

“I was drunk — and angry. Pray’in to a bunch of old bones made no sense to me so I replaced them with old Nellie’s bones when she died last year.”

“So you wanted to make fools of everyone — pray’in to yer old Nellie’s bones. You are daft man!  Okay — her bones are all out. D’ya even recall how the saint’s bones were laid out?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, I do. Put Nellie’s bones in the bag while I arrange a proper resting for the saint.”

“Of all the messes you’ve gotten me into over the years, this takes the cake.  What will the Bishop do if he catches us?”

“After he and I talked when da died last month, I got to know him pretty good so I know what he would say. He’d say that he forgives us. So I’m just earning the right to claim that forgiveness. He told me about how all the people who prayed to the saint’s bones felt better afterwards, forgiven and such.  If I knew he was such a good man last Christmas, I would not have stolen his old bones.  But – there.  The saint’s bones are back in place where they belong.”

“Help me push the lid back into place, Sean.  Oooff! This — is why — I needed yer — help. The damn lid weigh’s a tonne and this old shoulder just can’t do heavy lifting anymore. But everything’s right now.  Let’s be on our way.”

“I don’t think I ever want to come back in here. This doorway is just . . .”

“Hello boys. Is everything back to normal?”

“Oh – er – ‘ello Bishop. What, erm, what brings you down ‘ere – sir?”

“Oh Mick. You should know me better than that. D’ya really think I didn’t know about yer old Nellie and how she’s been standing in for the saint all these months?”

“But ya . . .  I don’t understand. Ya just kept having people pray to the relic?”

“Sure. The relic was near by. The saint just spent a few months in your barn, all wrapped up in oiled cloth I suspect.”

“Yes, sir. They are undamaged and back in place now.”

“And I ask you, who needs to know that those old bones where just not behind that small door but instead were just down the road taking a short vacation in yer barn? People still found the peace they sought so I think the saint did not get much of a vacation as we still kept him busy.”

“And yer not angry or . . .”

“No – oh no, no. It was a foolish stunt for sure, but you’ve set things to right as I suspected you would, because you really want to be a good man Mick and you just proved it. You had asked about forgiveness after your father passed and nothing has changed about that. You’re still forgiven if you believe, but returning the relic was still a nice touch. But the time is getting late. Come along. I need to be ready for mass in less than an hour but I still have time to offer you each one of Mrs.’ Caley’s muffins. If we hurry, they’ll still be warm. I do love her cinnamon muffins.


Photo credit: KL Caley

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11 thoughts on “Behind That Tiny Door :: N2W 220505

  1. Haha! I do sometimes wonder about all these old relics. I liked your inclusion of Mrs Caley – haha.
    Brilliantly written as always Gary, you really caught the cheeky characters and warm sentiment. KL ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh Gary, that is such a lovely and kind comment. You are a very talented writer, my friend. I love reading all the different entries and I’m always amazed in the creativity of each one. I’m so pleased you enjoy it too. KL ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi IM,
      Thanks for calling this out. I added this ‘tactic’ to my literary tool kit later than simple narration and am loving flexing this as a powerful way to drop a reader into the action. Once I recognized it and figured out how to use it – it has served me very well but I still feel like a student.
      I’m so pleased that you like it.


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