Can You Trust Me :: CR99 220502

Inspired by Charli Mill’s Carrot Ranch, #99WordStories
In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about “extraction”.

Monica rubbed condensation from the barred window so she could see the moon-lit field.

crop mournful woman leaning on fence in daytime
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Kidnappers had pushed her into a van. She fought until one slugged her so hard that she collapsed, barely conscious.

A metallic sound startled her. Having been warned about local sex trafficking, she fought panic as a chain was removed from the door. Someone was coming.

A dim light silhouetted a large man. Her heart seized.

“Who are you?”

“Call me, Driver. I drove the van last night; but I did not sign up for this so I’m extracting you – if you can trust me.”

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40 thoughts on “Can You Trust Me :: CR99 220502

    1. Wow, Ami, this would be a leap I’d not considered. That would be a really hard sell to most readers I would think but we all know that extraordinary is what sells most stories so perhaps thus merits some thought.
      Thanks for your readership and kind feedback.

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      1. This sounds like a challenge. Some of you comments reminded me of some of feedback I have from another story, a much longer one which some thought could have a romantic part 2. I’m doubtful but would love to hear your opinion. It’s about a 45 minute read so is a lot more detailed than both this 30 second micro-fiction piece and an earlier version that several told me it simply had to be longer – more fleshed out.
        Please consider giving it a read and let me know if you still see a romantic next step.


      1. That is true – and scary!
        Quick story – in a road trip in February I was driving after midnight and went i to test area – in the far stall to he back someone was vomiting – I didn’t pay attention too much but then I hear the girl talking on the phone and it felt “heavy”
        So I said excuse me – I am just passing thru but I need to Ask you if you need help –
        I left and walked back in and asked again.
        Then the girl said she was okay and I said “oh great because I see all these trafficking signs out here and feel we all need to do our part” (Something like that is what I said)
        Then slowly the door opened and this young 20 year old came out – she was Sick with stomach bug and her dad was helping her move south – she was on the phone asking her mom to pray
        Anyhow – I had club soda with me and gave her three cans (and two trees from my FIL’s funeral – hahah)
        It was a cool encounter
        But I mentioned all that to eat back to the very serious topic of your fiction today!
        Trafficking is very real and we all need to do our part to stay alert and be open to interceding if needed

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      2. Bravo for you Yvette.
        You are painfully correct on this point. It seems there is no evil that some people won’t undertake and the only thing that will stop them is good people like you.
        But, my Mr. Driver, can’t be much of a saint either and this “chapter” almost cries out for his story.

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      3. mmmm – I do wonder if the driver “do good” or have a change of heart and help…
        – and I will (hopefully) blog about my experience at the rest stop – because (don’t laugh) but I grabbed a photo with her – lol – we bonded in such a short time –


      4. LOL – because what builds bonded friendships like strangers sharing a barf-moment?

        Opps – sorry about laughing but this scene just got away from me. This is just hysterical Yvette – all in the best of ways of course.

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      5. hahah – and gary – barf moment is right – but guess what? I also travel with activated charcoal caps and gave her some – and not sure if you have ever used activated charcoal but it is great for everything from a spider bite to a stomach ache – good stuff
        anyhow, Gary – to get the humor of that scene really is spot on – it was around 3 am and truly a fun encounter

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      6. … and I would expect only this type of encounter to happen whenever you got involved. It’s all part of the wake you leave through the world is my guess.
        Thanks again for reading my few 99 words and engaging the topic with me.
        You are a gem.

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      7. oh you are sweet t say that, Gary (smile over here) – and it was also kind of special because sharing the trees from my FIL’s funeral was part of keeping his essence in some sort of ripple –
        and enjoyed your 99 word story (but again I am not sure I like how you say the time frame – 30 seconds – um – not my reading speed – hahaha)


      8. Hahah-
        Okay, Going forward I want you to read that 30 second note as being addressed to those who are not as thoughtful and deliberate as you are.
        That you are kind enough to spend more than 30 seconds on my little word collections is yet another part of your unique charm and value.

        As a peer tree lover – I did love how you spread the influence of your FIL’s tree with this poor gal. It’s a very cool image that I would not have thought of. I used to tell my wife that in a world where I could do big things that take way too much time to be real, I would love to assemble a tree museum with specimens from all over the world in one large valley so folks could wander or drive through to see all different types. The problem with the idea has two problems. 1) Not all trees would thrive in the one environment and 2) Even if I used sprouts, a mature museum would not be ready until I was long dead and forgotten. I’d never get to really enjoy the result. Your idea is better than mine.

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    1. Thanks Geoff.
      Until trying thus 99-word gig. I simply did not believe how much imagery could be crammed into such short piles of words – such fun.
      But the curse of our practice follows us even into these shorter essays and no. I can’t find the typo and will keep looking until I either find it or you expose me by revealing it.
      I was rereading one of my stories from 18 some-odd months ago yesterday and found one that had laid there, for everyone to endure all this time.
      Ugh. Typos are part of the original curse apparently and there is no statute of limitations.


      1. Oh my . . .
        I never would have seen that.
        Excellent catch Geoff!
        On my next romp through London, I owe you a beer or a banger or something fun that we could toast grammar curses with.

        This little soiled spot has been corrected.


  1. Great story. I watched the movie “Lucy” last night, which involved kidnapping. So, I was already prepared for this space. Great story. I like how the driver’s conscience has responded to the call to action.
    Best wishes,

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    1. Hi Sue,
      I can’t imagine that you don’t know that any form of the “you made (me, us, them, etc.) think” is just about the best compliment you can give a writer. You humble me Sue – and made my day 😃

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